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Reviews + 2nd place in the Robot Day!!

7/30/14 by Cacola


WOOOOOOOT! Holy crap, I can't believe it! Thanks to the judges, I'm glad you enjoyed the song! I'd reccomend you check out the other 2 winners, there both awesome. (Especially Machina, it's f**king amazing!)

Now that I have the money to buy a capture device, I'm gonna try to do JonTron style video game reviews! It's something I've wanted to do for a while now. I'll update you when/if I make my first video. (Which is going to be about Sonic Adventure, if you're curious)

Also, there's a new Techno Trio song in the works, and I'm loving the sound of it so far!


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Congrats again, man. Did you get a lot of fans after you won?

Can't wait to see the reviews!

Can't wait to finish the Techno Trio song, too.

8/1/14 Cacola responds:

Not really, but I did get 1 new fan, so that's something.
I'm excited to start doing them!
Has Tera been on Skype at all? You should probably PM him to make sure.



AWESOME job man! congrats!