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My new album, Flower, now available

Posted by Cacola - September 28th, 2018

Where the fuck have you been?


Well, I've been going through some shit, and I've got a job now, so I'm busy. so fckin mind yo own business.

Yea I know, that doesn't mean I drop off the face of the planet, and forget I ever made music at all, I've been working on projects among myself off and on when i could, just haven't released much of what I'm working on. But here's me actually releasing something I worked on! 

Since i was spending a ridiculous amount of time working on overly ambitous concept albums I'll never finish I figured I should actually finish something. So I started a short, low profile simple album. But due to emotional turmoil I was expirencing at the time, it ended up basically being a concept album about my emotional issues lol.

Anyway, u can here it on Business Casual, who I'm super excited to be able to work with since they're hella cool and I've been a fan for a while. I really hope u can get something out of it if you give it a listen


so, like, I'm really not at all sure about what happens next, I want to make music again, but the Big Project i was spending three years working on is kinda sorta dead in the ground/in limbo, but, i'll try and keep up to date and at least work on something, even if it's another smaller project like this one.

most likely anyone who ever gave a shit about my music is long gone and no one cares, but hey, never too late to meet new people.

love u, take care


Comments (3)

Don't worry! Even through all these years we give more than a few shit's about your music! We love your work, and we don't care if it takes years to hear something new from you, we'll reflect on the wonderful stuff you have made in the past ? stay strong!

qqehfeqf thanks man, that really means a lot <3

For me, I've always been here and will be. It's for you and the awesome music you produce. Have a great rest of the year :)

!!! Thank u so much, that means the world to me hojnestly :,)

HEY I'M NOT GONE YET! I always will love u tbh ur songs inspire the shit out of me

If I get famous I'm giving u credit