2014-07-02 21:51:49 by Cacola

Well, this is a fine pickle.


Anyone know why it's doing this and how to fix it?


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2014-07-03 01:14:09

I don't see a pickle

Cacola responds:

I'm not sure if your trying to say "I don't see the problem" or "This post has nothing to do with pickles"
Assuming it's the former, I'm trying to remix something, but the audio clip I'm using keeps glitching and vanishing, and when ever I try to fix it, I get an error message and FL Studio starts freaking out.
And when I said "this is a fine pickle" I was mostly making a Game Grumps reference.


2014-07-03 02:07:12

Maybe you have corrupt data or a virus

Cacola responds:

I don't see how it could have a virus, I directly recorded it from youtube with Audacity.


2014-07-03 02:16:48

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Cacola responds:



2014-07-03 02:28:27

I would just reinstall fl studio.

Hmm, but I wonder if you could just download a new dll file. Idk, software is complicated.

Cacola responds:

I hope it's just this one audio file, I'd hate for my FL Studio to stop working.


2014-07-03 05:18:51

I get that error sometimes if I have too many programs open, but it doesn't usually interfere with FL...I just restart FL and it goes away. Maybe try opening the audio clip in audacity again, and resave it to a different format, and seeing if loads properly in FL?


2014-07-03 06:28:11



2014-07-06 18:41:18

I have had this too. Reinstalling FL studio was the only solution for me! Delete everything in the FL studio folder except the Data, Plugins, Artwork and Help folder. Like what I highlighted in this picture. http://gyazo.com/a2d281ff01511d457216f6f9445d4eb6
Then put the System folder and other files back into your original/old FL studio folder and problems should be solved.